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What is the guarantee on personal loans?

The first thing we must clarify is, what is an endorsement? The guarantees are required in some credit products as a way to guarantee the payment of the debt that has been contracted with the lender, through a third party with a sufficient solvency that is responsible for the payment of the credit, in the case that the owner or the holders who hire it fail to do so.

According to the Bank of Spain (BdE), the guarantee is a guarantee to ensure the fulfillment of the borrower’s financial obligations with respect to the lender. The guarantor (the person in charge of endorsing) is a person who, due to their level of income and job stability, guarantees the entity that will be able to meet the payments of the person who requested the loan, in case the holder is unable to pay. do what.

Special emphasis should be placed on the fact that not all loans require a guarantee as collateral. In the case of personal loans without collateral and other products such as mini-credits, if we do not comply with the repayment terms of the loaned capital, we will respond with all of our present and future assets.

This means that they can seize our accounts, automatically withdraw a percentage of the salary that is established by law, etc. In addition, most likely we end up enrolled in a file of defaults as ASNEF or EXPERIAN and, in the long run, this will close many doors if we want to access other types of loans, especially if they are large amounts of money or if they grant conventional banking entities.

Main differences between a guarantee and a guarantee

The terms “guarantee” and “guarantee” are often used as synonyms in the wrong way since they do not have the same meaning. Next, we will see what is the definition of each of the concepts and in what way we can see and understand how both terms apply with personal loans:

  1. The guarantee is the good or group of goods that guarantees the payment of the credit to the lender entity. The good or goods placed as collateral may be seized in case we can not pay off the debt. In the case of personal loans, the guarantee is the whole of our present and future assets, so if we breach any of the terms of the contract, the entity or lender may freeze our bank account and even retain part of the salary.
  2. The guarantee, on the other hand, is the commitment of a third party (the guarantor) to take charge of the payment of the loan in case we do not comply with the obligations established in the contract. In this case, if someone endorses us and we do not face monthly payments, our guarantor will be obliged to pay the fees and their assets may also be seized.

Therefore, the guarantee is only an additional guarantee that some entities will require if they consider that our level of income is too high to respond to the payment of the debt. On the other hand, if we ask for quick personal loans of low amounts or we collect an income that allows us to repay a larger loan, there will be no problem in obtaining financing without the need for a guarantee.

How much money will I get with a personal loan without a guarantee?

The sum of money that we can obtain with personal loans without endorsement will be higher or lower depending basically on our level of income and the entity or financial institution we go to. If we receive a good salary or receive a high pension, we can request high-value loans, while if our income is reduced, we can only contract loans of smaller amounts.

With the minicréditos, the maximum amount that we can access will not exceed 1,000 euros, although the specified maximum will depend on each entity to deal with small incidentals. With the quick loans granted by private equity entities, the amount that they allow us to obtain ranges between 1,000 and 5,000 euros. On the other hand, with traditional personal loans, the amount that we can obtain could reach 60,000 euros, depending on the type of project we wish to finance.

If we need a large amount of money, but we do not have too high income, we will have no choice but to provide a guarantee or some other guarantee (such as a property or a car, for example) to get us to grant personal loans or any other credit product. Otherwise, the entity will not have an “insurance” with which to make sure that we will repay the capital on time and complying with all the conditions.

The types of credits without endorsement that we can contract

As we have seen, entities only ask to have a guarantor in case we do not charge sufficient income to meet the payment of the loan or that they are irregular, so we can say that all loans with personal guarantee are, in reality, loans personal without endorsement. These are the different loan products that we can obtain without the need for a third party to support us:

  • Mini credits: loans of up to 1,200 euros to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days without the need to be guaranteed by anyone. They are loans with a cost that is around 1.1% daily and, in addition, have other advantages such as accepting loan applications if you are in ASNEF, how quickly they are granted, the online recruitment processes and the few documents that we have what to deliver
  • Non-bank personal loans: private equity companies market quick loans with which we can get up to 5,000 euros in a few minutes through the Internet and without the need to provide a guarantee. Its application process is very similar to that of the mini credits, but the repayment terms are longer, the interests are smaller and the requirements to access the most demanding financing.
  • “Traditional” personal loans: they are the best-known personal loans, they are requested both through banking entities and private equity companies. We can get up to 90,000 euros of financing without the need for an endorsement, although, in the case of non-payment, we will respond with our present and future assets. When dealing with higher amounts, the conditions are more demanding, such as higher monthly income and not being registered in a file of defaulters.

The comparator of financial products HelpMyCash.com puts at our disposal the ranking of the best loans so that we can consult and compare among the most competitive, according to the amount that we want to request, the purpose or the personal and economic situation in which we find ourselves ( for example, if we are in a situation of unemployment or we are registered in some file of defaulters).

Requirements to acquire personal loans without endorsement

As its name suggests, to obtain personal loans without endorsement, it is not essential to have a third party to back us up, although, logically, no one will approve our request if we do not prove that we are sufficiently solvent to face the debt.

The requirements that may require us will be more rigid, the larger amounts of money we request, but, in general, these will be the common conditions that we will have to abide by:

  1. The first essential requirement to get a personal loan without a guarantee is to have a sufficient, regular and justifiable source of income to be able to return the loan within the established period. Depending on the type of loan, the amount and origin of the income may be one or the other. For example, if we apply for a mini loan it will be sufficient to have any regular source of income, from a payroll to an unemployment benefit. On the other hand, if we ask for a personal loan without an endorsement of, for example, 15,000 euros, we will be required to have a good level of income and have a certain economic stability, whether we are pensioners, self-employed workers or employees.
  2. Being of legal age: in general, they will ask us to be over 18 years old, although that minimum age may be higher depending on the type of personal credit without endorsement.
  3. Reside in national territory permanently and have an identity document such as the DNI or the NIE in force that can certify it.

As we have said, the requirements will be more demanding if we ask for more money, especially if we talk about personal loans without bank guarantees of the very high amount. On the other hand, access conditions will be less rigid if we ask for mini credits or quick loans without endorsement from a private equity company.

Documents to request personal loans without endorsement

The entities that grant personal loans without a guarantee will ask us to deliver a minimum of documentation in order to verify that we comply with the conditions they request. Each lender will ask us for more or less documentation, depending on their risk policy, but, normally, they will demand that we present the following:

  • Identity document: in force as the DNI, the NIE or the passport to confirm that we are of legal age and permanent residents in Spain
  • Proof of income: to know if our income is regular and sufficient to allow us to face the reimbursement of the credits without endorsement. It is usually a payroll, although some lenders also accept unemployment benefits, pensions or grants as sufficient income, that is, we can get personal loans without payroll.
  • Bank statement: to know our fixed expenses and if we have other debts with other entities.
  • Current account number to enter the personal loan money

We must deliver all of our updated documents, in case, for example, we send a copy of our expired NIE or NIE, the lender will ask us to send them back. This situation would slow down the whole process, since we would have to make the request of the urgent personal loans again from the beginning or, in the worst case, they would reject our request and we would have to go to another one.

What will they analyze before granting us credits without endorsement?

As we do not have a third party to support us, the entity we go to in search of financing will analyze in detail our personal, work and financial situation to make sure that we will be able to face the payment of the requested loan without problems. The credit analysis will be more or less detailed, depending on the amount of money we ask for and the risk policy of each lender, but, in general, these will be the aspects that will be examined:

  • Credit history: they will check if we have other personal loans in force or other credits that we have requested. This information can be consulted in the CIRBE and it serves to assign us a risk profile and to know our behavior if we had requested a personal loan without endorsement in the past.
  • History of defaults: that is if we have outstanding debts with other lenders or other companies. This information can be seen in delinquent files such as ASNEF. Depending on the entity, some will not let us access the financing we need if we have unpaid debts, while other entities offer personal loans with ASNEF.
  • Payment capacity: they will analyze whether the amount we are requesting and the deadlines that we must meet are consistent with our monthly fixed income and expenses and that we can face them without unbalancing our economy or neglecting the remaining economic obligations.

We must bear in mind that the more money we request, the broader and deeper will be the analysis that the entity makes about our profile. For this reason, among other reasons, online mini-loan companies only take a few minutes to complete this process, while banking institutions can take several days or even weeks.

When will I receive personal loans without a guarantee?

Many personal loans without endorsements are quick credits that are granted in a matter of very few minutes, but not all of them have this advantage. Depending on the product that we hire, it will take more or less time to receive the money from the personal loans without endorsement that we need:

  • Mini credits: they are the personal loans without endorsement with the quickest concession time. To be able to get a mini credit in a few minutes we must make our request within the working hours of the lender and have an account open in one of the banks with which he works. Otherwise, the transfer time can be extended up to 48 hours. In the free guide prepared by our experts “When will the money from your mini-credit come in?” We can find out which banks each company works with and what factors affect the speed of granting the money.
  • Personal loans: when dealing with higher amounts, entities will take longer to analyze the request. Normally it will take several days or weeks to give an answer, but once the request is approved, the money will be transferred in less than 24 hours.
  • Credit cards: thanks to these products we can have the money we need immediately. However, in the event that we do not have a credit card, we must request it from the issuing entity that interests us and we will receive it within approximately 10 days.

In addition to this, we can also influence in order to increase the speed at which these financing products are granted, such as going to a lender whose current account is in the same bank as ours or checking service hours customer service, before making our credit application, among other aspects.

Is it safe to take out personal loans online without a guarantee?

Yes, The steps to hire personal loans without endorsement through the Internet are very safe and we can carry it out without problems. However, it is important to be sure of who we are going to since unfortunately there are many illicit companies that want to cheat people who seek financing for their own benefit. In the following video, our expert tells us which aspects are the main ones that we must take into account to know if we are facing a secure and reliable personal loan company:

As we explained in the video in summary form, knowing how to differentiate legitimate entities from the rest is very easy considering these parameters:

  • They can not take us out of ASNEF: the only way out of these files is for us to make the debt effective and thus delete us from the lists. We should not pay attention to false promises to get us out of ASNEF in exchange for management fees or lawyers. If we are faced with such offers, we are contacting an illegitimate entity and we must pause the request instantly.
  • They will never ask for money in advance: no entity will charge any kind of commission or any other cost before granting us the credit. In the event that the personal loan had commissions these would be paid along with the first repayment installment, never before. We must immediately pause any funding request that asks us to pay any commission before handing over the money to our account.
  • They have online security protocols: when requested online, personal loan entities without legitimate endorsements have several security protocols. To know if they have it, we just have to look at the URL starting with “https” and containing a green padlock.

In addition, it is always advisable to seek opinions on the experiences of other users with that entity to know the strengths and weaknesses of the said product. So we can know if it is a good personal loan or a deception, but always knowing how to differentiate between people dissatisfied with the product and the victims of a deception.

Increase your chances of obtaining credits without endorsement!

If we are not sure what our personal loan options are, we can download the free guide developed by the content team of HelpMyCash.com “How to increase the chances of getting a loan” to know what our real chances of getting credit are what we need and what options we have at our disposal to increase them.

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