Ayerdi says that the financial situation of Davalor is "very difficult" and would need 20 million for "definitive" solution

Manu Ayerdi, has acknowledged that the financial situation of the company Davalor Salud is “very difficult” and will require the entry of industrial investors worth about 20 million euros for a “definitive solution” ”

Davalor Salud, dedicated to the development and commercialization of technology to solve problems of visual function, is a company to which the public company Sodena granted one million euros in a participatory loan- Acfa Cashflow.

Manu Ayerdi has defended, in a parliamentary appearance at the request of the PPN, that Davalor is “an innovative, disruptive project, linked to the worlds of health and new technologies, and we think it has potential in generating wealth and employment of quality, it is a technologically powerful project, as we saw it in Sodena a year ago -when the loan was granted- and so we see it “at present.

However, he has acknowledged that the financial situation “is very difficult, it is like that”. “As a definitive solution to the financial situation, it is clear that the entry of an investor or industrial investors that desirably contribute 20 million euros will be required.” The company is working with a specialized consultant since June 2016, but has not There is certainty of when it will be achieved – an investor – because the processes are long and complex, this has a degree of uncertainty, “he pointed out.

In the short term, Manu Ayerdi has said that “the company needs additional resources to survive and meet the challenge of installing the first three machines” that would be tested in the market.

The vice president has said that this financial situation “is a mirror of what was already a year ago when Sodena decided to give a loan https://acfa-cashflow.com/products/merchant-cash-advance yellowstone merchant cash advance of one million.” “At that time, Davalor had a debt of 9.9 million with suppliers, now it is 10.9 million,” he said.


Manu Ayerdi explained that a year ago he said that “it was a project that had very interesting facets, but that the promoter had made a mistake when calibrating the financial needs of the project and logically this reality also remains.”

In any case, the vice president has pointed out that “suppliers, in general, are enduring that debt they had before, because they see the potential for the project and because they feel they have nothing to gain by following another path”.

Manu Ayerdi added that the project “is moving trying to seek private investment and public support” and has argued that “the company still has elements of interest, but has a commercial uncertainty because it has not reached the market.”




In this context, the vice president explained that the Board of Directors of Sodena “will have to make the appropriate decisions”. “This is the situation, all scenarios are open, all decisions are on the table and it will be up to the council to make the corresponding decision,” he said.

Manu Ayerdi has stated that with regard to the product, “at this moment it is in operation with all its functionalities and the company tries to improve two aspects: the cycle time of the machine, that is, how much time per person per person machine, and second, human-machine interaction. ”

In addition, it is expected that in the coming weeks, probably in November, the machine will obtain the CE marking, essential for working in Europe.

Manu Ayerdi has specified that the machine has not yet reached the market

Manu Ayerdi has specified that the machine has not yet reached the market 

“that is a very important element, it is the test of cotton because the product can be very solid but we must see if customers like the market”. As has been claimed, there are several optical chains interested in testing the machine.

Currently, Davalor has a staff of 42 people, 33 of them in Pamplona, eight in Terrassa and one in Madrid. “There is more than enough structure to meet the demands of the first three pilot test machines,” he said.

In short, Manu Ayerdi has said that it is “a project that has unquestionably important virtues, a lot of innovation, a technologically powerful product, a project that if successful has the capacity to generate wealth and quality employment, has its uncertainties because it has not arrived the market still has to see if it responds commercially, and has a problem, which is the lack of financial resources. ”

After hearing the words of the vice president, PPN spokeswoman, Ana Beltrán, has shown his “concern” about the financial situation of this company and has indicated that it is “responsibility” of the parliamentary groups to “protect” 1,200 Navarrese families who have invested an average of 3,000 euros in this project. Beltrán has warned that “as time goes by we know that the situation, far from getting better, does not go through its best moments.”

The UPN parliamentarian Mari Carmen Segura has affirmed that the message that the vice president transmits to the small investors can be “a false message” and has indicated that Ayerdi and Sodena will have to make together “the decisions to invest or not in Davalor, but I hope that follow the usual procedure, that is, first a favorable report from Sodena and then the agreement of the Government, and not the other way around, as the loan was granted, “noting that in the granting of that loan the Government acted” at least recklessly. ”

On the part of Geroa Bai, Jokin Castiella considered that the loan of one million euros was “a strategic commitment by Davalor, which fitted in with the model of economic development that we want to promote around the axes of health, biotechnology, new technologies, and R + D + i, and now we are not going to change our mind about that, although it is true that there is a shift in the times “.

The EH Bildu Arantza Izurdiaga parliamentarian has considered

The EH Bildu Arantza Izurdiaga parliamentarian has considered

that the Davalor project “is innovative, with many potentialities and deserved support from the Government of Navarre”, although it has specified that it “is very concerned about the financial situation that it is going through”. “It is a very difficult decision that will have to adopt Sodena because it is a project with many potentialities, but with shadows, we request that the decision that is adopted be based on criteria of caution and be supported by technical reports”, has indicated.

On the part of Podemos, Carlos Couso has stated that there is “a great technical and technological project with a bad approach to managing to finance from the beginning”. “We believe it is a project that contains R + D + I, a social domicile in Navarra, a production chain planned in Navarra, has quality jobs, and maybe it is worth betting on a project of these characteristics”, has indicated.

The PSN spokesman, Guzmán Garmendia, has shown his “solidarity and concern” with the employees of Davalor and has agreed that “the thick draft is interesting and innovative, but nothing washes more white than the quadripartite”. “We have gone to Terrassa and we have seen the difficulties, we have seen the data, and we could not make the speeches that we heard here from the spokespersons of the quadripartite, we should be more professional, we are in a tremendous snowball,” he said.

Finally, Izquierda-Ezkerra’s spokesman, José Miguel Nuin, has indicated that the decision to grant the loan, although it was an “atypical” operation, was “in line with Navarre’s development strategy” and has acknowledged that “starting hence the decision is very complicated. ” “There is a very interesting project, but with a very complicated financial situation that compromises its viability in the short term,” he said.